About Us

Maxbook provides an advanced solution using the point of sale (POS) technology, engineered to help small to mid-market retailers, deliver fair customer experiences from in-store sales and purchase to delivery.

Over the past years, these business management solutions have progressed in front of evolving the industry challenges, most recently optimizing the omnichannel fulfillment by enabling inventory transactions, and enterprise inventory visibility.

The Maxbook POS supports mobile, tablet and desktop, cutting-edge software with an intuitive user interface, besides its hardware offerings, to give a functional, all time accessible, safe and secure retail management system, compatible with almost all operating systems and computers.

By optimizing retail engagement, Maxbook enables small to mid-market retail business to level the aggressive playing field by promoting the brand loyalty and profitability.

Maxbook was designed for small to mid-market retail business to deliver better customer engagement and business management from shopping in the store to delivery. With this product release, our primary goal is to enhance your customer’s experience, improve your overall brand loyalty and work as your management partner, offering tools for extending profitability.

Maxbook can work on your existing hardware and cross-platforms to provide the ease and the flexibility you need at an affordable price. Some enterprise functionalities are the key features of Maxbook, such as enterprise resources planning, accounts management, and inventory management and visibility across multiple sales channel. Our goal is to help you create unique and personal sales and purchase experiences that drive in-store traffic and convert your customers from visitors into regular buyers. Maxbook will target the business needs beyond the old and traditional POS capabilities to help grow a single store to the multi-store channel.

Maxbook is based on the strong foundation in retail, stock management, supply chain and reporting technology, as well as a function of accountability. This cross-platform system offers the solutions that can be utilized together, or individually across multiple platforms. Our, modern business management software will do a lot more than others out there and can grow along with you into a really larger solution over time.