Apparel and Fabrics Retail Solutions

Maxbook is an excellent Apparel and Fabric Retail Solution made for the smooth running and proper management of Apparel Retail Business. Managing and updating the continuously changing fashions and designs are a big challenge for the Apparel businesses. The proper categorization and management of fabric varieties crucial process for the apparel retailers. The inventory management of the fabrics becomes more critical and complex as the number of products and their designs increases. It becomes an excessive time-consuming task and slows down the retail process till all the products get properly managed. This time-consuming duration should be quickly minimized to avoid customer irritation and dissatisfaction and also the inventory stockout cost. Another main process is the customer invoicing. While bulk sales, the invoicing process becomes complex and troublesome to manage. The customer invoicing should be done properly and quickly to keep them happy and satisfied, so they will be regular customers in future. The Sales trend reports should be observed to know which category products are doing better than the other. It provides the deep insights of design value and the customer interests.

maxbook for apparel and fabrics businessMaxBook has proven to be the best Apparel and Fabrics Retail Solutions while keeping a track record of helping Apparel retail businesses in their growth and day by day increased profitability. MaxBook is works simultaneously at single and the multiple business channels and branches.

The effective features are:

  • You can manage all your business operations including selling purchasing, discounting, inventory modification, design up gradation, selection, and addition in their respective categories
  • You can access the easy to use dashboard and use the tools to analyze and maintain your sales from various aspects and get detailed insights about the top selling products and designs.
  • You get a strong grip on your retailing operations and keep on providing satisfactory service to customers to keep them connected to you.
  • Very easy-to-learn and use Apparel and Fabrics Retail solution with a fully integrated point of sales and inventory management system.
  • You can use it across several platforms without any plugin or extra utilities.
  • You can use in multi stores and several business channels at the same time.
  • You can keep a backup of all your data on the MaxBook Cloud.