Accounts Management

The MaxBook Accounts Management System is the best account management software for small and large business. It is based on state of the art business accounting solution that fits almost all kind of businesses. With our user-friendly and easy to use interface, we facilitate you get more things done accurately and efficiently. Starting from everyday business transactions and account management to creating detailed ledger reports, our account management system provides full clarity and accountability.

The responsive dashboard of this accounting system gives an unlimited user accessibility and the flexibility to perform several accounts related operations. It helps the users in the management of the complete accounting system, supports them in their transactions on daily basis and creating different reports. It also helps the users for the uprooting of several vouchers and views their notifications and alerts. The MaxBook accounting system covers all the accounting terms as Assets, Payables, Receivables, Equity, Revenues, and Expenses. You can also make the chart of accounts, check the opening balance and do budget management using the accounts dashboard. Another advantage of this top account management software for small and large business is that all the transactions are recorded and you can see the detailed report of every transaction by searching with a date or the transaction ID.  You can easily track your expenses, invoicing, receivables, payables, revenues and the complete balance sheet.

Like the other MaxBook products, this system also provides the multi-store support. You can access this system at multiple branches at the same time. It runs with all operating systems and has a multi-platform compatibility and accessibility.  Below are the features of this best account management software for small and large business:

  • Daily Transaction Management.
  • Daily activity report.
  • Bank position report.
  • Cash Flow Management.
  • Sales reports.
  • Transactions recording.
  • Sales and Purchase Register.
  • Order and Inventory Invoicing.
  • Bill of Materials.
  • Multi-store support.
  • Multi-platform accessibility.