Books and Stationary Retail Solutions

MaxBook is an excellent Books and Stationery Retail Solutions for the complete management of books & stationery retail businesses. Books & stationery retailers have to keep a stock of a large number of books from several authors and publishers.

The Stationery items also contain a huge variety and have to be managed well. The inventory management system used at these places becomes complex and critical as the number of books or stationery products increases. For the bulk buyers, the setting of specific prices is needed. This means that the prices of same product become different for the retail and wholesale customers. Also, the customer invoicing should be done fast and efficiently to keep them satisfied and connected. All these things are the necessary requirements for the smooth running of a business. The MaxBook Books and Stationery Retail Solutions comes equipped with all these functionalities that keep the business moving ahead.

Books and Stationary Retail SolutionsThe MaxBook Books and Stationery Retail management system provides you with the functionality and ease of access to manage, monitor and track sales and inventory stock across different locations and branches including your books, papers, pencils, pens, file blocks, wrapping papers and other stationary items.

  • MaxBook produces intelligent detailed business reports about your products and deep insights about your product sales so that you can examine the top selling products and observe your customer’s interests as well. This helps you in increasing your sales.
  • The prominent features of our Books and Stationery Retail solution are:
  • You can manage all your retailing operations like purchasing, discounting, inventory management against respective publishers and authors.
  • Using the tools to analyze and track your sales and the detailed insights about the most selling books or stationary items, you can grasp your customer’s interest and increase sales by planning accordingly.
  • You can set customer specific (Retail and Wholesale) prices, apply price and discount changes on the point of sale according to your specific customers.
  • You can save your time in searching products as all the products are categorized.
  • You can access the inventory and stock from multiple locations as the MaxBook comes with the Multi-store Support.
  • Uses the MaxBook Cloud for data backup and recovery.