Footwear Retail Solutions

MaxBook is an excellent Footwear Retail Solution for the management of footwear retail businesses. Footwear consists of several designs and sizes and the retailers have to manage all these designs in varying categories like slippers, shoes, boots, sandals, sports shoes etc. with different sizes.  Management of varieties of products is a big challenge for footwear retailers especially in the case of multi-store businesses. As the number of product designs or product type increases, the management of inventory becomes tough, complex and burdensome. The cut-sizes ought to be quickly restocked in order to avoid customer dissatisfaction and inventory stockout cost. Another important thing is the customer invoicing. The Customer Invoicing should be done fast and efficiently for their satisfaction. Even in the peak hours, the system should perform well and keep the sales continue and moving. The sales trend reports should be observed and analyzed to get the deep insights which products/category is generating better revenue than the other.

Footwear Retail SolutionsThe MaxBook Footwear Retail Solution is helping the Footwear retailers in their business growth and increased profitability. The MaxBook provides the complete management functionality for Multi-Store businesses.

The key benefits of MaxBook Footwear Retail Management system are:

  • Manage all your Retail business operations including purchasing, selling, discounting, inventory modification, new design, and size selection and updating in respective categories.
  • Use the easy to use tools to analyze and keep a track of your sales trend from different aspects and get detailed insight into top selling products and designs.
  • Very easy-to-learn and use Retailing solution where Point Of Sales and inventory management system is fully integrated.
  • Get full control over your retail operations and provide time-free high-quality service to customers which keep them connected always.
  • Use across multiple platforms on various devices and keep in touch with your business where you go.
  • Use across multiple stores and warehouses and keep your stock levels updated.
  • Use the MaxBook Cloud Backup and Restore Utility to keep your data safe always.