High Level Reporting

The process of report writing is the most critical step in businesses management systems. The processing of data and information regarding business is the goal of a business management system. This goal can be achieved only by the perfect strategies and the capable resources. The MaxBook business management solution comes with a high-level reporting system that provides a complete record of all the business transactions and activities. It consists of the detailed forms like invoices, purchase orders, billings, payable checks, inventory stock, and the receivable statements. All these operations are the core functions of an ERP system. These operations need a detailed recording of transactions for monitoring and the analysis of the business. It shows the status and position of the business and helps the owner to improve and grow the business.

The MaxBook Business Solution keeps recording all the events automatically. The user can search any transaction by the date or the transaction ID. For creating a detailed report for printing purpose, there are easy to use options to make printouts of reports in just a few clicks. The MaxBook provides the multi-store support. Reporting is now just a few clicks away as the MaxBook provides a comprehensive reporting feature for multi-stores. Use this advanced business management system across multiple platforms like Desktop PC, Laptop, Tablet or any handheld device and access all the features right away. The high-level reporting features of MaxBook are:

  • Customer Invoices reporting
  • Bill of Materials reporting
  • Purchase order reporting
  • Receivables and payables check
  • Sales and Purchase reporting
  • inventory and stock reporting
  • Business Statistics
  • Business performance reporting
  • Multi-store support
  • Multi-platform accessibility and compatibility.