Human Resources Management

Having a best HR management system to control and manage the human resources is the trademark of a modern business. It controls all the flows of business management operations related to the human resources. It manages all the functions from payroll to performance evaluation. All the tasks like employee salaries, performance tracking, working hours calculation, attendances and skills and ability monitoring are included in a good human resources management system. The MaxBook Hr management software is equipped with all the functionalities that are required to perform HRM tasks efficiently. It handles the bulk information in less time and provides the ease of access to the user ensuring that no professional is being bogged down. The information gathering and tracking are just simple and the records can be viewed easily.

The MaxBook  HRM system comes with a unique and easy user interface that makes the user familiar with it in no time. The responsive and quick access dashboard provides all the necessary tools and options that enhance the ease of access and saves you a lot of time. The MaxBook HRM system is totally flexible and customizable according to the business needs. The quick implementation enables you to take the complete control over your business on the go. With the multistore support, this system proves to be universally accessible. Another top of the line advantage of the MaxBook human resources management system is its multi-platform compatibility and accessibility. You can use it on your desktop PC, laptop, tablet or even on your mobile phone. Now all the control is with you. Below are listed the features of this HR management system:

  • System Administration
  • Personnel Information Management
  • Time and Attendance Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Performance evaluation
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Employee Self-service
  • Records and Reporting system
  • Recruitment
  • Multi-store Support
  • Multi-platform Compatibility and Accessibility