Manual vs Automated – The Advantage of Automated Business Processes

Manual vs Automated - The Advantage of Automated Business Processes

The automation of the business processes is becoming a highly vital enabler of business operations control and activity.

Today, the aim of a growing and flourishing business is to maximize the process automation rather than re-engineer it. Advancements in the technology and the revolution of cloud computing have stimulated the development of business processes from ’re-engineering’ to ‘automation’.

But why the automated business processing is preferred? What are the real benefits of automated business processes?

As the businesses grow, the demand increases for businesses to perform highly complex and labor-intensive tasks. The goal to achieve is, to automate as many manual business processes as possible. Here we have discussed the benefits of automating the manual business processes.


Delivering high-quality products and the customer service consistently results in satisfied, happier and long-term customers.


Automation assures that every action is performed efficiently and identically, resulting in perfect and reliable results. While the manual process includes risk of mistakes and varies results.


If your customer service follow-up process is totally automated, your customers will continually experience the same great level of service from your business.


Manual tasks take time and repetitions in some cases. These tasks have to be performed by humans. The humans are prone to errors and they cannot consistently perform the processes in the same way and fail to maintain higher quality standards consistently.

The Automation decreases the number of tasks of your employees and due to computation, they do more work in less time. This frees up your most of the time to work on the items that add real value to your business, enabling you to be more innovative, productive and increasing your workers’ levels of motivation. Thus business process automation increases productivity.


Continued business success is dependent on forming and implementing a better strategy. Maintaining your competitive advantage demands that you continually observe, evaluate and modify that policy on which the accuracy of business data is independent. The automated business processes are controlled by computerized workflows which continuously operate accurately and within your specified timeline.

Depending on which business process you have selected to automate (billing, collections, financial sales/support), the key metrics can be recorded on to provide you with the information you need about your business statistics.


Automating the manual process reduces the time it takes to accomplish a task, the effort required to accomplish it and the cost required to complete that task successfully.

Automation not only ensures that the processes and systems run smoothly and efficiently, but it also makes sure that errors are eliminated and your best practices are constantly supported.


The persistence of automated business processes implies that you can rely on

(a) Your business processes to function.

(b) You can offer reliable services to your customers.

The reliability of business operations automation ensures that processes necessary for corporate governance are performed 100% of the time according to the legislation.


The business process workflow automation allows businesses to determine and run smoothly their business processes. Reduce the unnecessary and extra tasks and reorder the process steps to optimize the flow of information during your service, production, collection and billing departments.

This improvement of processes clarifies your operational performance and decreases the turnaround times for both the business staff and the customers.


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