MaxBook Cloud

Data is the heart of an enterprise and it’s important for you to protect it. All businesses need to analyze their policy for proper data backup because the data is the most expensive asset of an enterprise. To protect your data, the most important need is to implement a safe and secure data backup and recovery plan. Creating backups of files can protect the data against the accidental losses, database corruption due to viruses or other issues, and the hardware failures.

maxbook cloudThe businesses using the modern ERP systems require an active and safe data the ensure their data safety and security. It is the responsibility of the administrator to make daily, weekly or monthly complete backups of data and save them properly at a secure location. He must choose the proper storage devices to keep the backup of the data. The devices should be easily accessible and highly secure.

The MaxBook comes with an advanced feature of MaxBook Cloud. This is a Cloud Data Backup and Restore program that makes a complete backup of your bulk data and stores them on the cloud-based server. The cloud-based server is the modern data backup solution and it ensures the data safety at a certain level. Using the MaxBook Cloud, a user can make data backups on daily or weekly basis depending on the amount and the usage of data. This advanced Cloud Data Backup and Restore Utility keeps your data safe and secure even if your hardware fails or your system gets corrupted by viruses. No need to worry about your data. Restore from the cloud server whenever needed. Have a look on the following features:

  • Periodic data backup.
  • Manual and Automatic data backups.
  • Quick Bulk data backup and restore.
  • Cloud data Backup.
  • Backup Reminder.
  • Safe and Secure.
  • Zero risks of data losses.