MaxBook RMS

Maxbook is a unique and a perfect business management solution. It is the best retail management software for small and large business that keeps your business maintained and run smoothly with the maximum sales opportunity. The bulk inventory management has always been a big challenge for the retailers. With the increase in the number of products, the inventory management procedure becomes more critical and complex especially in the case of retail businesses.

MaxBook RMSMaxbook provides complete retail inventory business management environment with easy to use interface. It enables its users to perform sales, purchase, stock transfer, goods return and customer invoices in just a few clicks. The major advantage of the Maxbook is that it provides multi-store usage facility. You can make better decisions about managing stocks and inventory orders and their distribution among multiple stores. once you are switched to this best retail inventory management software for small and large business, you cannot imagine how you were doing without it. Another advantage of Maxbook is that it facilitates you in searching your inventory easily. Just type the name of the item and it is there.  The major advantages of Maxbook for small and large business are listed here:

  • You can add a large number of inventory items in their respective categories.
  • You can easily perform several operations including sales, purchase, price adjustment, product model update, and stock clearance in the respective categories.
  • You can analyze your business sales from different aspects and see deep insights of the best selling items.
  • You can keep a track of your sales and purchases and use them anytime you need.
  • You can get a complete and independent control over your retailing options and provide excellent customer support.
  • The easiest to use fully integrated point of sales and inventory management retail solution that make you perform operations in less time.
  • You can see a detailed preview of your sales record.
  • You can use it on almost any device including mobile, tablet, laptop or a desktop PC.
  • You can monitor your business from any location using your portable handheld devices or mobile phone.

All these features of Maxbook show it is the best retail management software for small and large business