Multi Store Management

A business runs flawlessly when all of its operations go well under the strong management. As the businesses grow, they become difficult to control and manage properly. Such businesses require a strong, active and fast management system,  able to handle all the operations and transactions smoothly, and enable the owner to keep an eye on it. MaxBook comes with a unique and most convenient multi-store management system.

Using MaxBook, you can manage and monitor your business from anywhere. The MaxBook offers a powerful inventory management system that empowers you to track, maintain, monitor, and view inventory stock levels across multiple sales channels and branches in real time simultaneously. Using the MaxBook multi-store management system you can:

  • Keep track of inventory stock across multiple sales channels.
  • Seamlessly synchronize your stock.
  • Save time with fast and easy product updates across all the stores and the sales channels.
  • Move inventory stock between multiple stores or your warehouses with stock transfer features.
  • Manage Inventories from multiple locations.
  • Perform inventory checks across all your sales channels on the go.
  • Stock quantity levels and notifications.
  • Modify stock levels.
  • Detailed reporting and analyses based on each single store location or in combination with other sales channels.
  • Real-time data streaming and synchronization from multiple stores to Head Office.
  • Eliminates the store staff efforts from creating the same data and saves times.
  • The up-to-date stock availability across all locations in real time.
  • Manage the creation and updating of products centrally.
  • Track your sales and revenue by products, brands, or multiple sales channels from anywhere.
  • Use across multiple platforms like Desktop Pcs, Laptops, tablets or smartphones.