Purchase Management

The Maxbook provides the most effective and the best online purchase order management software for small and large business. It manages all of your suppliers and issues purchase orders that are based on low inventory alerts (set by you) and automatically synchronizes upon settling the order. The purchase management is based on a state of the art inventory management scheme. As you make purchases of products from suppliers, whether you make small or bulk purchases, your products are added to your stock and a complete record is saved of your transaction with respect to the suppliers and their products.

The MaxBook Purchase Management System helps small businesses to stop unusual buying, gain maximum value from Supplier and perform best practice purchasing process. It features the split purchase orders by line items and order to different suppliers which result in getting to right product with a right price and a good quality of service. Another smart feature is the product consumption report that helps to analyze the purchasing drifts and assesses the suppliers to recognize bulk purchasing opportunities and gain the advantage in consultations. The totally paperless transactions result in saving costs, less time consumption and the elimination of the human mistakes. The another top line feature of this best online purchase order management software for small and large business is the integrated inventory management system, Quick inventory availability to requestor and purchase manager helps to avoid excess or unnecessary ordering.

The standard feature of all of MaxBook products is the Multi-store support. It can be installed at several branches and accessed simultaneously. Here is the features of the MaxBook purchase order management system that ensure you the perfection of a well-managed software system:

  • Bulk purchase management.
  • Multiple requests from several users into one Purchase Order.
  • Creation of multiple Purchase orders for different suppliers from a single Purchase Request.
  • Acceptance of multiple goods receipt for a single Purchase Order.
  • Bulk purchase records of respective products and suppliers.
  • Multi-store support.
  • Multi-platform accessibility.