Pharmacy Retail Solutions

The pharmacy business is tough and competitive without an efficient Pharmacy retail solution. It is very important for the drugstores to manage and distribute medicines and medical products according to several complex laws and regulations. This includes the management of expiry dates effectively, the handling of the prescription and non-prescription drugs according to law, calculating the prices and giving discounts.

The Pharmacies are also expected to give satisfactory advice to customers and provide a quick, expert and polite service. Above all this, the margins on pharmaceuticals keep on shrinking, as it depends on the availability of best formula medicines and a large variety of medical care products.

Pharmacy Retail SolutionsIf your medicine store fails to offer all of this as a result of your poor focus or your pharmacy retail solutions is inefficient you cannot take your business to the upper level.

The MaxBook Pharmacy Retail Solution includes a bundle of effective features that will make your business more competitive while analyzing your daily routines, from the Point of Sales to back office.

Use the MaxBook’s in-depth reports to understand and analyze your business’s revenues and expenses, and re-order or modify the retail products that will increase your sales.

Cut your time wastage, cut your costs and enhance your customers’ experience with a fully integrated and highly effective retail and dispensing software with rich pharmacy-specific functionalities. Manage the various types of prescriptions, handle the drugs and the other medical products effectively and let the system to perform the price calculations and do billings based on various calculating schemes.

The excellent features of MaxBook Pharmacy Retail Solution are:

  • Packed and loose items sales and management.
  • Category and formula based search.
  • Medicine expiry date reminder and Expiry notifier.
  • Unit & Pack based Sale & Stock Reports.
  • Production order against the distributor order form.
  • Sales based Purchase order management.
  • Efficient customer invoicing.
  • Cash Closing on daily basis.
  • Various permissions and roles for medicine staff with secure accessibility.
  • Detailed sales and purchase reports.
  • Medicine return and replacement features.
  • Multi-store Support.
  • Maxbook Cloud data backup and restore.