Role of technology in Pharmacy industry

Role of technology in Pharmacy industry

Since the past 40 years, information technology has laid a major impression on the lives of millions of working people. Many businesses have adopted computer technology knowing the benefits of electronically automated information processing scenario. These include setting routine, repeated and recurrent tasks to be handled with consistent accuracy; standardization and constant use of technology and also the mass customization.

For Medicine Prescribers and pharmacists, IT facilitates the storage of organized patient records, facilitates the digital prescribing, dispensing and the administration of various medicines, automate and digitally process the handling of medicines in retail and the supply chain, and provide tools for observing the effectiveness and safety of various medications in use. The Information Technology, therefore, improves the patient safety, enables the professionals to ensure the facility of high-quality care and help the patients to make the most of their medicines.

Making the most of IT systems

Modern pharmacists are already using reliable IT systems to support and handle their daily work and, while analyzing the IT requirements for developing working practices, pharmacists should think what functions could be provided by systems that they are already using.

For example, all pharmacies use the purpose-built pharmacy management systems for keeping medical records, labeling, dispensing, ordering, and the stock control operations. Yet, many pharmacies and big medical stores do not use most out of their pharmacy software application. They do not all of the available functionality of their pharmacy management system. For example, the modules to handle patient-centered services, such as the prescribed medicines use reviews or prescription intrusions.

Pharmacists must take the advantages of most of the services that are available in their region, for example, the second release of the electronic prescription service.

Selection and the utilization of EPS release 2 in the available areas where has the ability to make dispensing and payment processes more efficient for town pharmacists and the appointment process may help the pharmacists to secure the medicine prescription business.

Access to patient record handling systems will assist pharmacists and druggists in professional decision-making, by providing patient-centered services. For example, the summary care record has now been available in many areas and also shown to be advantageous for hospital pharmacists for medicines adjustment. In future, it may be used by the local pharmacists, equipped with various added features like Murs and emergency supplies. As the pharmacists will be delivering more patient-focused high-quality services in future, they will be increasingly using national and local patient record services to provide the real-time patient-focused services.

Barcode medicine identification:

The Barcode identification of medicines has been used with the pharmacy retail management system and has been shown to reduce medicine handling errors. It has also improved the dispensation process and the completeness of the entire medicines history. However, the barcode medicine identification at the point of performance is an interruptive process sometimes and, for this reason, medical professionals often develop “workarounds” to avoid barcode scanning.

Normally, the barcode system is found to be the most accurate and active medicine handling system. It saves the time of searching the details of medicine like its name, potency, and formula. Besides of searching for any information about medicine, a barcode is printed on the box of the medicine which is just scanned in about less than a second, and the complete detail appears on the screen.


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